Sunday, 5 August 2012

When you finally find whats beautiful, so wonderful

Dress - Ebay (miss selfridge)
Bag - Vintage
Boots - New Look

 Where is summer going ?! I feel like its just begun, but its a matter of weeks now till I'm back to college. I recently starting volunterring/doing work experience for The Foundling Museum in London, get some experience and that, so i'll have something to write about, im really enjoying its about children who were abandoned who sought refuge in the foundling hospital. Its a beautiful museum with a great collection of art.

Ebay's my new favourite shop atm. Everything's just so cheap and when im trying to pay for driving lesson's and days out in summer, cheap is just what I need. The dress althought bought for autumn winter time with the long sleeves, I wore when it was a bit colder. This colour bag is one i've had my eye on for months, but never finding one I really liked, till this baby came along. I only payed £12.00 for it ! and the boots, i've wanted since last xmas when they sold out before I could grab a pair, so this year when I saw them they got snapped up.

Just finished reading all three hunger games books in two days. Im a fast reader and cant seem to put a great book down so I carry on reading through the night. They were really really good, but the ending annoyed me, and so did the main character, but as far as books go it was pretty damn good.