Saturday, 21 July 2012

Watch the sun come up

top - forever 21
shorts - forever 21
wedges - new look (old)
hairband - forever 21
earings - a present
sunglasses - primark

Sorry about my face in the first one, I look so grumpy !

I went to see the dark night last night for my brother's 14th birthday with my dad my brother's best mate and him, it was alright but not really my type of film ! although anne hathaway did a brilliant performance of cat women.

A little bit of shopping, vogue, the first shopaholic series by sophie kinsella, I had all the other ones that I picked up from a car boot sale last year for a cheap 50p each ! so I went and ordered the first one from amazon, they are so good ! I just love the series, there a laugh, not for a good heavy read though.

The skirt is from american apparel, but I bought it off ebay, the daisy playsuit I bought from primark, after spotting it on Monica's Blog I fell in love, and the other dress is from miss selfridge but I got it from ebay, I also bought a hairband and some nail polish from Barry M !

Finally it looks like the weather's picking up ! I went to my grandma's today in Ashted to give driving a try in my dad's car before my first lesson on wednesday ! eeek, It went okay after doing nothing but stalling for the first ten minutes I managed to get moving and reached 15mph which was fast enough for me !

Friday, 20 July 2012



yes its a tad late i know, sorry about that ! I look terrible in the photo''s but oh well. I went with my two friends Eve & Laura and apart from the rain and the swamp (hyde park) it was brilliant, Jessie.J and Pitbull were my favourites, they definatly were the best !

Back to what im wearing the top is an old crop top from river island, the skirt is a floral dipped hem skirt from a shop in westfield which I have no idea what its called, bag again old from river island, and the traditional wellies which I borrowed from a friend.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm wide awake

                                                             stud boots

                                                                    tartan dress
                                                                     american apparel
                                                                           Biker Jacket

These are just a few items that I really really want. Seeing that summer weather hasnt exactly made an apperance, i've started to think about autumn and winter and decided that these beautiful items would make a lovley addition to my wardrope.

Im attempting still and failing to write a personal statement. I really have no idea what to write, writer's block as people would call it ! Its all well and good writing about something, but when it comes to writing about yourself im completley lost. Everyone is saying make it 'original', the word is applied to liberally. GAHHH.

Fallen completley in love with ebay atm ! Its actually the best clothing website for affordable clothes and shoes etc. But the problem im finding is I keep on spending, so mother wont be too happy when she recieves her bill.

I actually have nothing to do this summer, Ive come to the conclusion I am going to be bored stiffless. Fingers crossed i'll be going on a girls week away to devon in august, but we haven't got round to booking it yet -_-, saving the girls holiday abroad till next year, when everyone's 18 and we can afford it !

Sunday, 1 July 2012

we'll be coming back for you someday

Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Primark
Heels - New Look
Sunglasses - River Island

Okay, so I had to do a post today, to show off my new shoes ! I adore them, whipped them up in the new look sale online for a cheap £7.50 reduced from £25.00 so I was pretty excited. The lace top I love, its one of those essentials you've got to have that goes with practically anything in your wardrope !

These pictures are actually from yesterday, just went into Croydon with my friend Laura for some light shopping as she has an evening out with her boyfriend and his brother, and we found a beautiful cream lacey skater skirt from primark so she was happy, and I bought a new dark pinky dress from H&M, which im sure will make an apperance at some point.

Last day tomorrow of school, and to celebrate, along with a belated birthday event, im having the girls round for pizza and nacho's, and of course ice-cream so that should be nice.

As for the weather, well its been great ! But ive been told its going to pour down all week which I wont be impressed with seeing as im going to wireless festival on sunday ! which I am super excited about, seeing as I love Rihanna, im going with my two of my besties Eve and Sumners.