Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm wide awake

                                                             stud boots

                                                                    tartan dress
                                                                     american apparel
                                                                           Biker Jacket

These are just a few items that I really really want. Seeing that summer weather hasnt exactly made an apperance, i've started to think about autumn and winter and decided that these beautiful items would make a lovley addition to my wardrope.

Im attempting still and failing to write a personal statement. I really have no idea what to write, writer's block as people would call it ! Its all well and good writing about something, but when it comes to writing about yourself im completley lost. Everyone is saying make it 'original', the word is applied to liberally. GAHHH.

Fallen completley in love with ebay atm ! Its actually the best clothing website for affordable clothes and shoes etc. But the problem im finding is I keep on spending, so mother wont be too happy when she recieves her bill.

I actually have nothing to do this summer, Ive come to the conclusion I am going to be bored stiffless. Fingers crossed i'll be going on a girls week away to devon in august, but we haven't got round to booking it yet -_-, saving the girls holiday abroad till next year, when everyone's 18 and we can afford it !